Dr. Josh’s personal 10 best strategies for keeping the body in a constant state of health adaptation!

Remember the 5 Essentials: Brain, Body, Communication, Lifestyle/Environment, and Time. Your brain is the center of attention and here are my personal strategies to improving the quality of your brain health and ultimately your overall quality of life and well being!

Chiropractic Care – Brain body Communication is one of the 5 Essentials to Healthy Adaptation. The spinal bones protect the highways of nerve intelligence and are fundamental to maintaining neurological health. Chiropractic is concerned with the body’s neurology as it is related to our overall brain and body health. Without proper care to the spine, I’m afraid your signals just aren’t firing at the speed and rhythm as they should.

Guided Imagery/Meditation – A type of hypnosis and meditation that allows the body to briefly reminisce on memories stored in the brain which ignite endorphins! We have implemented hypnobirthing into our second birth and the results thus far are amazing. When we are able to put ourselves into a silent state, our bodies subtle voice inside begins to get louder to guide us in the right direction. It also stops un-necessary brain activity which is huge considering the brain and neurology consume the majority of our caloric intake.

Aroma Therapy – Research shows that smell is the most powerful substance that triggers memory. Using different aroma’s can and will promote brain health by exercising your conscious and sub-conscious use of memory!

Remove Unwanted Negative Thoughts – We all have negative thoughts, however we also have the power to allow them to persist or piss off! Allowing negativity to hang around for too long will create unwanted stress and almost immediately your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones begin to rise.

Coconut Oil and Good Fats – Our nerves are insulted with fat much like a copper wire is insulated with rubber. Recent studies show that consumption of coconut oil can reduce the risk of alzheimers and dementia. (Also helps as an antibacterial, anti fungal, lowers bad cholesterol, and improves skin and hair quality).

Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs – Vitamins such as B12, Vitamin C, and Niacin and minerals such as Magnesium, Copper, and Salt are just some of the most important and most common deficiencies that effect neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Herbs such as Ginko, Skullcap, and St. John’s wort have also been proven to revitalize the nerve system and brain chemical balance. I take about 10,000 IU extra vitamin D3 with K2 almost daily during the winter months and have my own custom blends of herbs to help my body on a daily basis.

Exercise – Most believe when we exercise that we are “working out” our muscles…when in-fact we are actually strengthening our nerves! After all, the nerve is what tells the the muscle to contract or relax. Mental state during activity will either build you up or break you down. Improper exercise will also do the same. Stay moving and remember, you are working out your brain!

Aluminum, Mercury, Pesticides, Drugs – All of these are proven carcinogens that are commonly found in our homes, in products we use, and even the food that we eat. They are neurotoxins and kill the nerve system. Glysphate is a pesticide that has been causing severe neurological issues and is commonly used on wheat and grain products. Vaccines are full of heavy metals like mercury, fluoride, and aluminum which destroy nerve tissue and is why many parents report ill effects in their family after receiving a vaccine.

Daily Affirmations/ Prayer – Keep my brain in a motivated and inspired state is no easy task. The left side of our brain is detail oriented, loves to perform lists and step by step tasks. Our right brain on the other hand is more intuitive, concerned with the big picture, and tends to be a bit disorganized (or creative). Understanding this will allow you to use your thoughts to your advantage and help create consistent positivity depending on part of the brain that is needed for a situation.

Sunshine, Oxygen, and Water – The basics of life and still vitally important in creating vitamin D, promoting DNA synthesis of the nerve cell, and transmission of nerve impulses. These are the vital substances that our bodies thrive on! Just like a plant cannot exist without food, water, sunshine, and air…nether can you. Just getting outside will boost the quality of your oxygen and sunlight!

Please share these Lifestyle Hacks with your friends and family! Take it slow and if you have any questions…feel free to reach out for help or support!