Client Testimonials

This office does not accept every case, but we have helped nearly every case that we have accepted.

Here are just some of the stories of triumph and the wonderful things our clients are saying about us!

3 1/2 Year old with Torticollis

“Finding Dr. Iftikhar has been one of the greatest blessings for our family.

My 3 year old daughter and I have been seeing Dr. Iftikhar for about 2 ½ years. He has been an absolute life saver. My daughter was born with a very bad case of torticollis. She was going to physical therapy 3 times a week for 1 hour each time. After months of doing this they kept telling us that she was not making any progress. You can imagine the emotional breakdown I had as her mom.

Now what do we do? I was in for a visit with Dr. I for migraine headaches and was talking to him about her. He told me to bring her in that he would like to take a look at her. After doing so he explained everything that he wanted to do and had a plan ready. We started doing the chiropractic visits as well as her physical therapy. After a couple weeks her therapist was asking what we were doing different because Skylar was finally starting to show some progress. After another few weeks of both we stopped the physical therapy and just kept seeing Dr. I. He straightened her right up.

Looking at her now you would have never guessed that she had any problems. She still to this days see’s Dr. Iftikhar every other week. Even Skylar will now ask for me to take her when she is not feeling right. As soon as we go in he pin points exactly what she had been complaining about before we even say anything. There are not enough words that can be said for what a difference Dr. Iftikhar has made in our lives.

If you are looking for someone who is caring, considerate and truly has your best care at heart STOP looking cause you have found him!!”

Jennifer U.

Family of 4 Receiving Wellness Care

“I have been seeing a chiropractor most of my life and I just have to tell you how different and amazing Kenzie and Josh at have been. There are so many things that set them apart from my other experiences, there are 2 main things though that stand out to me. First off; their conservative approach to my care. I only get the necessary hands on care from them when misalignment is causing my bodies communication system to get in the way of my healthy functions. This allows me to deepen my trust in my bodies ability to heal and thrive alone.

Second; the spiritual nature that is available, if you are interested, which has blown me away. When I come to my appointments present I can experience profound things like feeling heat being released from my body, and seeing the transfer of energy. After adjustments you are encouraged to sit and rest for about 15-30 min, Kenzie and Josh help make this a priority every time. I use this time to meditate and the transformation every time is profound.
Today I came in exhausted from trying to stay centered through the storm we have been going through and trying to stay present in my many emotions. When I left I felt so grounded, everything seemed clear to me. My anxiety about our house was expelled from my body and I was able to gain new prospective. It was amazing, I left smiling and laughing with Elliott, we danced in the car and I felt joy that has been very hard to come by the last few days.
At the end of the day when you allow your spirit to be present with you where you are gifted profound things can happen. Kenzie and Josh do this and is a blessing to those of us who receive care from them.”

Carrie B.

Birth Coach, Mother. Nature.

Colleague with Subluxation

“I have been to numerous chiropractors previously, but Dr. Henk is top notch! I would not hesitate sending family or friends to him.”

Dr. Zachary Beatty

Gonstead Family Chiropractic

Networking Advocate

“Dr. Henk doesn’t just care about fixing your back and sending you out the door, he cares about improving your overall health and your life.”

Mike S.

Real Estate Investor

Family of 4 Receiving Wellness Care

“Wow!! I highly recommend Dr. Josh and Dr. Kenzie Henk. Chiropractic care that makes sense!”

Jaimie L.

Photographer, Amber Sky

Chronic Neck Pain and Back Spasms

I had Dr. Joshua give me a full body adjustment, I felt so good afterwards l was ready for a nap. I felt great the next day also. He is very therale. Great Dr.

Sheryl H.

Chronic Neck Pain and Mid-Back

Dr. Iftikhar he has been a big help with his guidance and treatments, I feel very comfortable talking to him. He is very passionate for what he does, I highly recommend him.

Agnes S.

SPX Nutritional Representative

Migraine Headaches and Irritable Bowel

I have been treated by Josh and Kenzie both. Chiropractic care is the best medical care ever. Also, the Juice Plus supplements have been an amazing addition to my diet. They have made a huge difference in how I physically feel regarding my energy and stamina and I know I get my fruit and vegetable servings for the day, everyday. Ask Kenzie about this product!

Kathy G.

Registered Nurse

Severe Hip Pain

I want to say that for the passed 5 weeks I started going to chiropractic integration and I must be honest with everyone I feel 80 % better and I would never go to another chiropractor as long as I live.

Susan B.

Business Owner

Hypothyroidism and Chronic Neck Pain

Open floor plan..very friendly staff, unique relaxing decor, clean bathroom with a changing table~baby wipes included..🙂 Iftikhar has a positive energy that you will probably feel in his presence…looking forward to the next adjustment…

Tammy H.

TMJ and Facial Pain

Had my third treatment with Dr. Hussain today. Already noticing a significant decrease in my TMJ pain, as well as decreasing tension and stress in other areas of the body that makes facial pain worse. I’m feeling an 80% improvement in my daily activities, especially working out and sleeping. Thank you, Dr. Hussain!

Shamaila A.

Website Designer

Numbness and Tingling in Arms

Best chiropractic care you could possibly get. I wouldn’t ever think about going anywhere else! 🙂

Rychelle H.


Spinal Pain and Muscle Weakness

I’ve been adjusted by many chiropractors with many different techniques. I’m so intrigued to see where Drs. Kenzie and Josh will be taking me. I’m actually experiencing the neurological changes in my body. My muscles are also starting to adjust to the changes. It is quite an interesting experience. I’m excited to continue care.

Sarah W.

Nutritionist, All Out Nutrition

Leg and Shoulder Pain

Dr. Iftikhar is passionate about helping people. He is thorough and goes the extra mile for his patients. Adjustments really helped my range of motion. I could not turn my neck all the way to the right and now I can.

Elektra P.

Terrible Back Pain

I went to see Dr I as a recommendation of my wife. I had a terrible back pain and it wasn’t getting any better. He had treated my wife for vertigo and dizziness and she was much better. After physiotherapy sessions and spinal adjustments my back is much better and I even think it has improved my mobility and energy level. Dr Iftikhar is very committed to his work and I specially like the way he explains diagnostic  treatment. I am very pleased with the results. Thanks Dr I.

Jose P.

IT Manager

Pinched Nerve and Chronic Neck Pain

Can’t speak highly enough about the care, wisdom, consideration, and knowledge of Doctor Iftikhar. Over the past 3 years, he’s made every issue of mine his priority. From a sore pinky toe, to a pinched nerve in my neck and chronic neck pain, every discomfort is addressed with attention and care. I have complete faith in him, and never hesitate to refer anyone his way. He has dedicated his practice to seeing that people get healthy, and has continued to further his knowledge on chiropractic and human health.

I can’t stress this enough: if you are uncomfortable, in pain, or want to prevent any of that, do yourself a favor and get checked out by this man. His insight is shockingly on point. Through regular chiropractic visits over the years, I’ve become so hyper aware of my body that I can almost instantly tell when my body is misaligned, or where the stress is coming from. Granted, there’s also been numerous occasions where I am completely wrong… which is why I will forever be one of Dr. I’s frequent patients!

Michelle C.

Fatigue and Torticollis

Another great adjustment by Dr. Henk! I’ll never forget 2 years ago how drastically Dr. Henk changed my life. He set me on an entirely new path that involved really healing and recovering physically as well as introduced me to a whole new world when I needed it most in my life. Josh has this natural ability to lead that is gentle to the spirit. His confidence and resolve, even as an intern so long ago, shined through making it impressive every time I saw him with a patient or client. His dedication to his work and purpose always makes me want to be a better person and doctor. He is a mentor, a friend, a trusted doctor, and the person I visit to make sure I’m functioning properly! Thanks Dr. Henk!

Dr. Stephanie Young


Postpartum Chronic Back Pain

I had chronic back pain during my 1st pregnancy. When I gave birth to my daughter my back pain got worse. I tried physical therapy and medication but nothing relieved my pain. The pain I was experiencing caused me to be irritable. After treatment at Integrated Chiropractic I feel like I have been given a new back. I can now go on bike rides with my kids, take long walks with my husband and sleep through the night. I am pain free every single day. I feel young again! AMAZING AND MOST CARING DOCTOR I’VE EVER BEEN TO! I highly recommend Dr. Iftikhar.

Melissa D.

Chronic Migraines

Over the past 5 years, I have been experiencing chronic migraines that have negatively affected my daily life. I tried multiple medications, however, none were helping long term. I have been a patient of Dr. Iftikhar’s for about about a year now and I no longer experience the migraines that I once had. I am beyond thankful for everything that Dr. Iftikhar has done for me. If you are looking for drastic, positive change in your life…you NEED to see him. I recommended family members, friends and even strangers!!

Erika H.

Operations Manager, Ford Motor Company

Pinched Nerve in Low Back

I had a pinched nerve in my lower back or that is at least what I thought. For almost 3 years I have been suffering with terrible leg pain every night and some of the day, it was so bad I could never sleep and all I would do is cry. The doctors always said it was something different…once it was my iron then calcium then potassium they were just saying those things because they truly did not know what was wrong with me. They thought it was all in my head. Finally this past summer they finally told me to get an MRI and it showed a “pinched nerve”. They had me going to get epidural steroid shots in my lower back, which were the most painful thing I have ever felt. After my round of shots my legs still hurt they sometimes were even worse than before they did not do anything…they finally came to the decision to do spine surgery and I told them no I am only 18 years old I am not having spine surgery. I finally came across Dr. Iftikhar and let me just tell you he is a miracle worker; ever since I have been coming to see Dr. Iftikhar I never have anymore leg pain and if I do not feel like something is right I make an appointment to see him and without saying a word he knows what is wrong and fixes it right away. If you looking for a caring doctor who truly cares about his patients then you found him!!!!

Nicole H.

Vertigo and Dizziness

I’ve been involved with chiropractic care for the last 8 years and I must say I have never been this happy or pleased with my care like I am right now. I first became a patient of Dr. Iftikhar’s due to dizziness. I would get random dizzy spells, and I honestly thought something was really wrong with me. Once I informed him of my dizziness, he didn’t just do a regular adjustment, he did a different type of technique. I seen him for roughly 5 visits for just my dizziness, and it is gone! I haven’t felt dizzy now for probably 5 months! Now I am currently seeing Dr. Iftikhar for my pregnancy and have been seeing him continuously since I found out I was expecting. From what I hear back pain is a major issue with pregnant women and I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and I have not had one ounce of back pain! Dr. Iftikhar is awesome!!!

Alyssa O.