Chiropractic is comprised of 3 distinct areas: Philosophy, Science, and Art. In fact, if you take a look at any business…each has their own philosophy behind their product or service, a scientific way of creating value, and an artistic form of product or service.

Chiropractic’s Philosophy was born in 1895 when Dr. BJ Palmer accidentally moved a bone in a patient’s neck which subsequently restored his hearing loss. Dr. Palmer began to scientifically study the body and make artistic adjustments to areas he believed were being interfered with. He understood that the body had an innate wisdom and that a bone that was out of alignment would interfere with neurological, blood, and cerebral spinal fluid supply. He called this Subluxation.

5 Elements of a Subluxation:
1. Misalignment of Vertebra
2. Decreased Space
3. Decreased Function of Nerve, Artery, Vein, and CSF fluid
5. Abnormal Tissue Formation
6. Torqued Misalignment

Sub – “Below”
Lux – “Light”
Ation – “condition of”

Therefore a subluxation is a condition of less light in the body! Now of course at the time we didn’t fully understand the true magnitude of subluxation, but over the last 120 years, we have come to see that Subluxation has an effect on every area of the body. While science had thought Dr. Palmer had found the cure for deafness, what he actually found was the intimate relationship between the brain, body, and healing!

Finding and fixing Subluxation is the hard part:

There isn’t a single scientific or diagnostic instrument that can diagnose the 5 Elements of Subluxation alone. It takes a detailed health history, neurological analysis, and specific imaging to determine the correct location and degree of subluxation. Once the subluxation is located, these scientific tools will also be used to correct the alignment of the vertebra. As a result, normal function is restored and the body gets well again!

To find Subluxation in our office, we use: