Once again…Welcome to our community and thank you so much for opting in to receiving these emails. I promise you will find an enormous amount of value each and every week (sometimes more frequently). Speaking of which…I’d like to share a concept with you that I like to call.. “The 5 Essentials of Healthy Adaptation”

In order for our bodies to adapt and fully maintain healthy awareness of our life, we must first focus on maintaining a Brain and Body that is in a state of “Ease.” Communication that is in a “dis-eased” state will not be able to handle even a healthy environment let alone a sick one….

“The only cause of sickness or disease is the body’s inability to internally adapt to the external environment”
-D.D. Palmer – Founder of Chiropractic

When you focus on brain body connection and its normal functioning, you do not need to analyze the body any further. You need only to live in a healthy environment and lead a healthy lifestyle so that the body can undergo healthy adaptation. The doctor inside will do the rest! Of course, all good things take time…

The 5 Essentials to a Healthy Adaptation!

1. Brain Function (Mental and Emotional States)
2. Body Function (Organ Systems)
3. Optimal Brain & Body Communication (Neurological Health)
4. Lifestyle and Environment
5. Time…is of the Essence

Golden Nugget: Brain- Body connection can be strengthened through chiropractic corrections, exercising at the gym, meditation, positive affirmations, prayer, healthy eating, laughter, earthing, sunbathing, smiling, breathing deeply, and hugs! (All of which are backed by research)

Remember…health is inherent to us all, but we have to identify and remove the interferences that are holding us back from expressing our true potential! I intend to help you discover these interferences for yourself in my messages to come. Over the next couple of weeks you will be receiving some short emails that will cover these areas in greater detail. By the end you will uncover many secrets after learning AND I will share with you a list of my personal strategies that help me and my family stay in a constant state of health!

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Josh